On your way to meet friends? Tell them you’ll be there in ten minutes or ten minutes from no九份民宿w. Don’t say ”ten minutes later.” We use “later” to compare one time to another, such as: “Joe arrived at 12:00. Mary arrived at 12:15. She came fifteen minutes later (than Joe).” —— Linda Napikoski
  Later和from now的將房屋二胎來表達
  在你去見朋友的路上?告訴他們你將會在10分鐘內關鍵字到達,或者是從現在開始的10分鐘內到達。而不要說成“十分鐘後”。我們在將一個時間和另一個時間比較的時候用“later”,例如,喬十二點到達。瑪麗十二點十五到達。她比喬晚十五分鐘到達。  (原標題:“Later” or “From Now” to Talk About the Future?)
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